Japanese Working for A Better World

Written in 1991, published in 1992, Honnoki Inc., Tokyo

From the back cover:

Every year, more money gives the Japanese state more power to influence the rest of the world. And every year, more Japanese individuals count themselves among a growing number of true global citizens and join the battle to secure a better future for the world.

This is the first book in English to introduce the grassroots citizens' groups and activists who have been fighting from within Japan against the injustices, infringements on human rights, and environmental destruction regularly committed by Japan's political and corporate powers. Granted willing partners around the world, these people are determined to create a global democracy.

In Japanese Working for A Better World, interviews with 47 representative citizen activists and an access guide to 754 citizens' groups are ordered according to genres ranging from environmental issues, Third World aid, human rights, and equal opportunities for the handicapped and for women, to education, the media, and world peace.

This book is a map to the Japanese citizens' movement, and, including specific requests to readers, is a powerful call to arms directed to global citizens everywhere.

For the sake of tomorrow's earth...