Oita Stadium

This is part of a boxed set, Three Buildings by Kisho Kurokawa that I completed in 2003 for Edizioni Press in New York. My schooling in philosophy and my 15 years in Japan interviewing intellectually curious and eloquent creators like Kenya Hara and Tadanori Yokoo prepared me well for my interactions with Kisho Kurokawa and his philosophy of symbiosis in architecture.The 43,000-seat stadium was built for the 2002 World Cup. “...it is a triumph of Kisho Kurokawa’s philosophy of symbiosis, which describes the coexistence of contradictory elements, with dynamism as the result. In Oita Stadium, Kurokawa uses advanced technology to enhance its conceptual opposite: an experience of nature. The natural environment surrounding the stadium is an extreme and exciting one, with volcanic zones, a wild oceanfront, and hot springs so intense that they are known collectively as ‘hell’.