The Vegan-Friendly “Shukubo”of Ome

Get Thee to A...Shrine? The Vegan-friendly “Shukubo” of an Ancient Tokyo Village is a Must-Visit for Anyone who Needs to Seriously Unwind. In less than two hours from the bustling center of Tokyo, a plant-based paradise awaits.

Three-and-a-half million people pass through Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station every day, so it’s hard to believe that amidst the mayhem of the unrelenting crowd, you could reach a vegan paradise in less than a couple of hours. Yet that’s exactly the case, and the efficient transportation system seems devised for liberation from the world’s most populated metropolitan area. Two trains, a bus, and a cable car, each more sedately paced than the last--lands you in Oshi, a magical village on Mount Mitake boasting 25 tranquil shukubo. If you visit, be forewarned: Your life will never be the same again.