Black and White Photo of Bridge Across Water


I have never consciously chosen a place to live, but have instead inhabited other people's choices: 1984: a summer home on the Chesapeake Bay (for year-round living); 86: a 'gaijin' house on Tokyo's outskirts; '87: a four-mat room in a boarding house; '89: a huge 4-bedroom ex-pat house in the center of Tokyo for 10x my hefty monthly salary; '90: a six-mat apartment over a dried-goods store on a Tokyo shopping street; '91: a 100 year-old thatched farmhouse in the Kyoto mountains: '00: a 100 year-old wooden farmhouse in Pennsylvania; '02: a 1970's A-frame in northern New Jersey; ‘09: a 1970’s tract home in northern California. 

All of these are architectural choices that demand a certain lifestyle. Letting the building tell me how to live in it is a hobby of mine. What if, every couple of years, we could each just pick up and move into another's life, house, belongings, everything? Might we overcome some of the more tedious disagreements?