Yusaku Kamekura

Yusaku Kamekura 1915-1997

Uncompromising perfectionist, visionary and the profession's first undisputed leader, Yusaku Kamekura worked all his life to shape it. Two years after his first one-man show, he organized the famed Graphic '55 exhibition at the Takashimaya department store, introducing design into the vocabulary of the populace. Five years later he helped gather Japan's budding graphic designers into the Japan Advertising Artists Club (JAAC). Less than a decade later he hosted the World Design Conference. Following this event, he co-founded the still-successful Nippon Design Center, pairing corporations and designers in a unique and uniquely progressive and productive organization. In 1978 he was a founding member in the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA). From 1989 to 1993, he expressed his personal vision and kudos to other designers, artists and illustrators worldwide in Creation, his own publication. Kamekura's work, whether for lighting manufacturers or international events like the 1964 Olympics, was successful and exciting because its creator was forever excited about the world. He revealed his greatest strengths in the laconic--logos--and the expansive--posters. The breadth of the forms he chose and created reflects the great breadth of his life and loves.